This is my serious author photo.

Lisa Czarina Michaud here. Author of novel 'Slanted and Disenchanted.'


No, it's not Pavement fan fiction. But a coming-of-age novel set in 2000 about two college dropouts who turn to their love of music when life after high school proves to be as shitty as high school itself. Peppered with '90s and early-aughts pop culture references. Salted with existential crises. And garlicked with new adulthood insecurities AND awkward sex! It's a party.

(I promise no more condiment analogies.)

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Oh, God, not another fucking newsletter.

I hear you. But Untidy Thoughts is just that with news on book stuff, anecdotes on small French village stuff, which is where I live (bonjour), unpretentious Paris stuff, and some odds and ends. If you're still in...sweet and thank you! (To make sure though, I'll even confirm with an e-mail.)

All sign-ups come with a quiz about '90s pop culture clichés and results come with a custom playlist. So, who were you in the '90s?